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16,51 EUR*
Details Maths Plus Using Maths Vocabulary: KS2 Maths Dictionary (Single) (Maths Plus Language)

Maths Plus Using Maths Vocabulary: KS2 Maths Dictionary (Single) Child-friendly dictionaries to help develop the range of vocabulary needed for success in maths. Full description

11,99 EUR*
Details Basic Math Refresher: Everyday Math for Everyday People

Basic Math Refresher Do You Need Extra Help with Math?Then REA's "Basic Math Refresher "is perfect for you! Updated Second Edition REA's newest edition of our popular "Basic Math Refresher" helps students and adults refresh their math knowledge in a ...

7,49 EUR*
Details Mental Math, Grade 2: Strategies and Process Skills to Develop Mental Calculation (Singapore Math)

Mental Math, Grade 2 Make math matter to students in grade 2 using Singapore Math: Mental Math! This 64-page workbook follows the Singapore math method to prepare students for learning addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Full description

11,96 EUR*
Details Intergrating Math in the Real World: The Math of Homes and Other Buildings (Integrating Math in the Real World)

Sharpens math skills from whole-number operations through basic algebra and geometry. Builds problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Permotes self-confidence in math abilities.

26,67 EUR*
Details How Fighter Pilots Use Math (Math in the Real World)

How Fighter Pilots Use Math When fighter pilots get into the cockpit, they come face-to-face with practical math. How Fighter Pilots Use Math demonstrates how math allows pilots to judge speed, attain altitude, and maintain safety, all while soaring ...

21,50 EUR*
Details Math Stretches: Building Conceptual Understanding (Guided Math)

Daily Math Stretches, Levels 3-5 Accompanying CD-ROM contains interactive whiteboard files. Full description

11,90 EUR*
Details Mister Merchandise Kaffeetasse I love math Mathe Nerd Math Teetasse Becher , Farbe: Weiß

Mister Merchandise Kaffebecher   Alle Tassen von Mister Merchandise werden mit dem Sublimationsdruckverfahren hergestellt. Hierbei geht die aufgebrachte Farbe mit der Tasse eine chemische Verbindung ein. Dadurch sind die Drucke höchst beständig ...

5,73 EUR*
Details Math Step-By-Step Problem Solving, Grade 7 (Singapore Math)

Math Step-By-Step Problem Solving, Grade 7 Following the award-winning Singapore Math curriculum, this problem-solving workbook provides step-by-step instruction for teachers and parents to utilize when reinforcing essential math lessons. Full description

25,30 EUR*
Details Sum Fun Maths Assessment: Years 3-4 Maths Assessment Puzzles for the 2014 Curriculum (Sum Fun Maths Assessment Sheet)

Sum Fun Maths Assessment is a series of 3 books full of puzzle worksheets for assessing children's progress in maths. Each sheet is self-correcting - children solve the mathematical questions, then use the code to find the answers to the silly jokes ...

16,78 EUR*
Details Master Math: Elementary School Math

Math instruction is changing. The subject is no longer taught the way it was when today's parents were in school. Keeping up and helping your elementary-grade child with math can be challenging and, at times, frustrating. If you're facing difficulties ...